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Most cable and DSL access on the market today is built on a bridged network. Unfortunately the access speed of such a network depends completely on the number of users currently sharing it. Security is another concern. Not so with Dedicated Access from Starlan. Built on a switched network, point-to-point circuits isolate your Internet connection from other users; both bandwidth and security are guaranteed.

Ideal for businesses that don't currently require a full circuit. Includes the option of upgrading to a full T1 as your business grows.

Full T1 access provides your business with the optimal capacity for data, video, and e-commerce applications. If additional bandwidth is needed, multiple T1 channels can be bonded together to form a larger pipe, an option not available with DSL.

This option gives you the capacity and data rate of fractional circuits, with automatic access to a full circuit during occasional peaks in demand. Your business will never have to endure slower internet access due to lack of bandwidth. You pay only for the bandwidth you use. (Only available to DS3 or faster circuits.)

  Fractional T1 Full T1 Fractional T3 Full T3
Installation $600 $600 $4000 $4000
Monthly access starting
at $129
at $499
at $699
at $9999
Circuit speed from 128 Kbps 1.544 Mbps from 3Mbps 45Mbps
IP addresses 16 64 256 512
Burstable? no no yes yes
Included in all plans: Circuit provisioning, real-time usage statistics, primary & secondary DNS, domain name registration, and dedicated access.