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Just as there are different problems that can arise with today's technology, Starlan offers different solutions. For more specific details on any of the services mentioned below or to arrange a complimentary consultation, call 212.378.0378 or email us.

Onsite Support
Starlan understands that keeping the computers, printers, and networks of the average office running smoothly can be a trying, time-consuming task. Sign up for our PC Desktop Support and within four hours of your call—any day, any time—you’ll have a team of our trained consultants at your office, working to resolve the problem. Among the services are virus protection (of both workstations and networks), email security, application installation & removal, technology management, network printing, file sharing, and general hardware and software support.

iManaged Service
In addition, we also offer iManaged Service, for those problems that just can’t wait. Through the use of remote software agents, our consultants can begin working on the problem the moment you call, and fix it while you wait.

Relocation & expansion technical support
Although moving to a new location or expanding an existing office are different situations, both have one problem in common: chaos. It is our commitment to minimize—if not eliminate outright—the downtime commonly associated with office moves. Our staff will help you pack up your old networks, computers, and peripherals in an orderly fashion, one conducive to a quick and efficient setup at your new location.

Network & security consulting
Did you know that when your company’s internal network is connected to the internet, company data and security could be compromised? Our team of security experts will close those holes and secure your network using firewalls and data encryption. We can provide network management and monitoring services or train your own staff members to become an in-house security team. We can also help you with your next network expansion.